About LNMC

At Liaquat National Medical College (LNHMC) we offer you an unparalleled learning experience in healthcare coupled with a resolve to create professionals that would carry the torch forward and make us proud.

We have a highly qualified experienced faculty in basic and clinical sciences which is keen to make its contributions to the development of young professionals who would be the leaders of the future.

We are not just another Medical College. We are a by-product of years of service and aspirations of the people who made sure that this institution remains a nationwide leader in healthcare.


The fundamental purpose of LNHMC is to produce top quality graduates and professionals who will contribute towards the well being of people in the metropolitan city of Karachi and beyond.

LNHMC enjoys a unique status. It has been born of an institution, which has a well-established reputation for patient service, clinical research and post-graduate training. As a part of this multifaceted public mission, LNH and LNHMC would continue to strive for excellence in education, research, clinical practice, training and community services.


Our five year MBBS course is recognized by PMDC vide letter No: PF 12-F-2008 (Inspection) / 118524 dated: 27-03-2009.


Liaquat National Medical College is affiliated with the University of Karachi since 23rd September 2006, and is allowed to impart training to 100 students each year for MBBS degree. University of Karachi has been awarding degrees to medical graduates for well over half a century. Recently, our new batches have been affiliated with the Jinnah Sindh Medical University and are being trained in modular system in semesters.

Registration With Foreign Bodies

The Liaquat National Medical College is registered with :

  • Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) USA.
  • Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER).
  • International Medical Education Directory (IMED).
  • Avicenna (WHO) Directory.
  • General Medical Council (GMC) U.K
  • Canadian Resident Matching Service(CaRMS)
  • Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA)
  • Australian Medical Council (AMC)

Central Amenities at LNMC


The library has undergone major expansion and is housed within the Medical College. The Library is considered the institution's collective memory. Its job is to retrieve and store recorded knowledge of all kinds, making it available and usable to students, staff and researchers. At LNHMC, a substantial collection of more than 6000 text books is available on basic and clinical subjects, both in print and in electronic formats.

Learning Resource Centre

A Learning Resource Centre has been created within the library with forty fully computerized and internet equipped stations to facilitate web based learning. Access to network computers is available to users (students and faculty) of this facility. It is linked to the Digital library (Courtesy of HEC) with access to more than 50,000 texts and 15,000 Medical Journals. There is an extensive collection of audiovisual material to augment learning in various basic and clinical sciences.

Student Cafeteria

A Cafeteria is located in the centre of the campus on the ground floor of link building of the medical college, allowing easy access to faculty, staff and students. It provides healthy and tempting meals for visitors. A full lunch menu is also available at very subsidized rates. A new state of the art Cafeteria (Cafe Sukoon) is now functional to cater for Faculty, Staff, Students and Visitors.

Book Shop

A book shop with a wide range of text and reference medical books of all disciplines of medicine is available within the premises of the Medical College. The book shop has all necessary stationery, equipment and Photostats facility for the students. Book Shop is also well equipped with gift items of wide choice of souvenirs.

Academic Council Complex

This complex has a large auditorium, several lecture theatres and a Hospitality Suite which are fully equipped with latest audiovisual facilities.

Link Building

The Link Building has seven Tutorial Rooms with computers and multimedia projectors and houses the administration office along with faculty offices.

Car Parking

A 3 story car park for 650 cars has been provided with direct link to the OPDs and wards for the faculty & visitors.

Animal House

Animal House at Liaquat National Hospital and Medical College has been established and is functional. An Animal keeper has also been appointed to look after the animals. At present frogs,rats,mice,rabbits and guinea pigs are available for the practical sessions of undergraduate students of LNMC and for research purpose of faculty. The facility of animal house is to be utilized for initiating research projects based on animal studies by faculty and students. Faculty members are encouraged to start their research programs and utilize the animals. Other animals like sheep, dogs etc will also be kept for research projects as per requirement of the Faculty.

Hostel facilities

Limited accommodation (subject to the availability of seats) is available on the premises for both male and female medical students from out of Karachi.


Allied Bank has a branch at LNH with ATM facility for the faculty, staff and students of LNH&MC.

Students Support Services

LNMC Administration

This office deals with a wide range of issues pertaining to a student's life at the campus such as coordinating admissions, examination accommodation financial matters, research and extra-curricular activities. The section is headed by Controller Academic Administration and Research Training.

Career Advisory Services

We at LNMC regard career building as an important responsibility. In addition to individual counselling this advisory service holds seminars and workshops to increase general awareness of the professional pathways available. It is extremely important that the students become fully aware of future prospects and career pathways. Unless the students possess the awareness and make timely decisions a great deal of time is wasted and the community loses the services of a talented professional.


The Senior Faculty of Liaquat National Hospital & Medical College is each assigned a small group of medical students for mentorship and counselling as & when required. The students can meet or contact on phone or through e-mail in order to discuss any academic as well as non academic or personal matters with their mentors. All mentors have been assigned 3 to 5 students of different classes/ batches.

Mentors are advised to get in touch with the students and send their reports to the Principal on a regular basis.

Senior faculty of the medical college and hospital also mentors extra-curricular activities and head student's Societies.

Research & Skills Development Centre

Skill Development Centre

Liaquat National Hospital has been taking a lead on national level in providing certifiable clinical and resuscitation skills training for almost fifteen years. We are proud to announce that this department has been upgraded with the latest training equipments and renovated as per the international standards with dedicated team and instrumental rooms having interactive models and simulators. The participants are certified only after successfully getting through their assessments. This is a state of the art "ISO" certified department.


Liaquat National Hospital & Medical College encourages research activities of students and faculty members.

To ensure the conduct of scientifically sound research trainings are regularly conducted in house by qualified Epidemiologist and Biostatisticians. Topics covered include Research Methodology and protocol development, Basic and Advance SPSS and manuscript writing.

The Library of Liaquat Nation Medical College has online access to more than ten thousands journals; also several Medical & Nursing journals covering all specialties are subscribed and available at LNMC library.

To further inculcate the importance of research LNMC has a research committee of students. All the research activities are supervised by research & ethical committees, which comprises of Chairperson and 8 – 10 members. The research committee has developed its own guidelines for submission of research projects meeting the international Helsinki Guidelines. Regular meetings are held to assess the submitted research projects and if necessary revisions and changes are done in research protocols. Once the research protocol along with the budget & time line is approved then it is referred to ethical review board before final approval.

Research committee has substantial funds and encourages students & faculty to participate in national or international conferences and submit articles to international & national journals and provides financial support. To date our Medical students have published multiple papers in local and international journals as well as read papers both locally as well as internationally.

Awards and Scholarships


    Students securing highest marks in first to fourth professional MBBS examinations of University of Karachi will be awarded cash award as per following scheme.

    Award for First Position
    Rs. 100,000/-
    Award for Second Position
    Rs. 75,000/-
    Award for Third Position
    Rs. 50,000/-
    If in case there is a tie between the students then the distribution of the amount of the award will be suitably adjusted and divided amongst the students attaining highest marks. Certificates in this regard will also be given to the students.
    Certificate will be awarded to the students obtaining “Distinctions” in different disciplines and activities.
  • Best graduate of the year award: Rs. 350,000/-
    Award for First Position
    Rs. 200,000/-
    Award for First Position
    Rs. 150,000/-
    Award for First Position
    Rs. 100,000/-
  • MD's Medal for Best Male student of the graduating class.
  • Dean's Medal for Best Female student of the graduating class.
    One year
    Genuinely needy students with proof.
    Available for the students of 2nd to final year.
  • Kinship Scholarship Discount in Tuition fee for siblings of existing students.

    An amount of Rs. 20,000/- (Rupees Twenty thousand only) each is awarded for the Best Debater, Best Poster Presentation, Best Athlete, Best Singer and Best Actor .

Student's Health Insurance Scheme

Since April 2006 when LNMC opened its doors to the 1st batch of medical students, there have occurred quite a few incidents (as one would expect) of illness and injuries suffered by our medical students on campus. Most cases required simple first aid or routine OPD treatment, but a few did require hospitalization, consultations by experts, lab tests and proper medication. Liaquat National Hospital being a private hospital, excellent facilities and treatment were provided promptly but at some cost to the parents.

  • As the students are expected to be at LNHMC for 5 years, chances are that many parents will have to pay hefty hospital bills.
  • In order to lessen such burden for the parents, the administration contacted four leading Insurance Companies who specialize in Group Health Insurance Schemes and have negotiated a deal with IGI Insurance Company offering most effective and least costly scheme for our students.
  • The salient features of the Health Insurance scheme are as follows:
    • The students, will be insured for total hospitalization limit of Rs. 350,000 per year (including Rs. 50,000 in patient medical cover. This can be increased up to 350,000 if required).
    • The Insurance cover will be increased by 100% in case of hospitalization due to Accidental injury.
    • Daily room & board charges will be covered up to Rs. 2,000 per day.
    • N.B.
    • OPD treatment / bills (e.g. for conditions such as migraine, headache, fever etc) are not covered under this scheme. However accident & emergency treatment will be covered.
    • Normally treatment will be provided at LNH, but during vacation & holidays the treatment provided by recognized local hospitals will also be covered

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