Director's Message

 Dr. Shaheena Akbani
 Director (Academic Administration & Research Training)

In line with HEC policies the Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) was established at Liaquat National Medical College in March 2018.

Liaquat National Medical College being a prestigious educational institute has always been conscious of the importance of Quality in education and services and had even prior to the setup of HEC collaborative QEC, quality assurance mechanism was in place as evidenced by the 100/100 rating given by the QEC team to the institute.

QEC's framework will now constitutes a means to furhter the Institute's commitments to implementing the highest standards of quality and build a strong mechanism to ensure that quality continues to be an ongoing and evidence based process.

QEC will work in close liaison with HEC for uplifting of the quality in all areas.

QEC Liaquat National Medical College shall provide guidance and support to all departments in development of self-assessment reports, identifying problems, probing into the causes and offering solutions to ensure an overriding Quality culture as per HEC policies.