The Department of public health and community medicine at LNH&MC is dedicated towards the promotion of public health through education, research, population / community based and patient centred advocacy. It has a highly qualified faculty and follows a broad multidisciplinary approach to the teaching of public health and clinical issues.

Undergraduate Teaching

The department follows the integrated modular / semester system and in addition to the university’s curriculum exposes students to promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative services through field visits to the places of public health importance. This offers the students an opportunity to see the holistic picture of medicine outside the lecture halls.

Students visit many government facilities like Basic health units, Maternal and Child healthcare centres, Town municipal offices, water treatment plants and diarrheal treatment centres. Students are exposed to the work of Non-government organizations too. In addition they are given an opportunity to see the process of hospital waste management, cleaning of drinking water, safe food preparation and distribution at cafeterias etc.

As a part of preclinical training the department is also attached with the Outreach Medical centres of Liaquat National Hospital where students are exposed to learn the role of environmental, demographic and socioeconomic factors in occurrence of disease. The students learn how the well being is improved by literacy, essential public health services, clean environment and affordable health care.


Keeping in view the prospective requirements of research the students are also engaged in the research projects. The department of community medicine is facilitating the students to collaborate and collect data from the communities and hospitals and develop protocols, undertake research and publish papers in scientific journals.