The Department of Forensic Medicine is responsible for teaching forensic medicine and toxicology including Ethics at the undergraduate level, as per the latest MBBS curriculum prescribed by Pakistan Medical and Dental College (PMDC).

The main objective is to highlight those legal aspects of medical practice which young medical graduates will be expected to face in their future career as medical practitioners.


The department has various models, specimens, latest instruments, weapons, poisons and charts at its museum to facilitate imparting of required and up-to-date knowledge.

Undergraduate Education

The students follow the integrated modular system and the teaching methods used to impact knowledge lectures, demonstration, small groups tutorials & practicals.

Students are taught about different aspects of forensic medicine including Law in relation to; medical profession, medical ethics, informed consent, medical negligence, medicolegal aspects of death, autopsy, mechanical injuries, traffic accidents, deaths from asphyxia, domestic violence, medicolegal aspects of sex and marriage, infanticide, disputed paternity, forensic aspects of personal identification, torture and death in custody, forensic psychiatry, forensic examination of blood, biological fluids, stains, trace evidence. In addition basics relevant to diagnosis, treatment and legal aspects of poisonings and drugs are also part of the curriculum.

Additionally, following topics of relevance and interest and of practical application are also taught and video films are shown to the students.

  • Medical and Forensic aspects of investigating deaths in custody
  • Virtual autopsy: New alternative aids in searching the cause of death
  • The role of the forensic medicine in mass casualty incident
  • Forensic DNA: Scientific evidence in civil and criminal cases
  • Medical legal report writing and presenting evidence in court, are also taught


The department is actively involved in research activities.