LNH&MC is committed to provide academic excellence in the field of medicine comparable to international standards. In view of this, we at the department of Biochemistry offer an advanced, innovative and vibrant curriculum which encompasses emerging advancements in the field of molecular biology, genetics, molecular medicine and personalized medicine. The department follows a modular integrated curriculum of biochemistry which emphasizes the imparting of knowledge of basic concepts of biochemistry with its application in clinical practice, so that our students can undertake the journey from bench to bedside.

Our teaching strategies range from large class interactive lectures conducted by qualified faculty to the more innovative case based small group discussions, Team Based Learning (TBL), Case presentations and interpretation of clinical data to understand the disease processes.

To achieve all these objectives we offer an environment conducive for learning in terms of well lighted, air conditioned tutorial rooms, equipped with modern AV aids. Our undergraduate laboratory is equipped with most advance instruments, as per requirements of PM&DC. The department has Multidisciplinary lab (MDL) equipped with facilities including Thermal Cycler, Gel Electrphoresis, Microplate absorbance readers, Spectrophotometers, ELISA and other accessories.

Furthermore, we expose our students to diagnostic laboratories for a thorough understanding of biochemical tools used for diagnosis of disease condition such as facilities of PCR and Blood Gas Analysis.

Postgraduate Facilities

The department is recognized by College of Physicians and Surgeon of Pakistan (CPSP) for its FCPS program in Biochemistry.

Research Activities

LNH&MC strongly encourages and promotes the research culture in all of its units. Aligned with this mission, department also involves its students in the research activities by designing research projects that can be done in available facilities and also help in publishing their results in indexed medical journals.