The subject of Pharmacology provides insight into key areas of health and disease, including the novel therapeutic targets, the mechanisms whereby drugs elicit responses in cells, whether drug action will be selective and long lasting, and the nature of side effects of drug used etc.

The department of Pharmacology has highly qualified and experienced faculty ensures that the department meets the goals of providing high quality education by correlating study of medicine with its practical application.

Students are encouraged to discuss any problem they might have in understanding the topics covered in the class with their teachers. Furthermore, the mentorship program at LNMC ensures that an assigned faculty mentor is always available to the students to solve any issues they may be facing, be it academic or non academic.

Undergraduate Teaching

Diverse teaching methods are employed such as. formal lectures, tutorials, case based learning, TBL and clinical presentations by the students and interactive small group discussions. Discussion of clinical case studies helps the students to apply theoretical knowledge in practical settings. Continuous assessments are performed regularly.

Further, to enhance clinical correlation, practical demonstration on patients is also conducted. Students are encouraged to explore the clinical description of respective diseases and their treatment on patients. Additionally, in order to implement knowledge of drugs, emphasis is laid on prescription writing as well.

Postgraduate Teaching

Liaquat National Hospital & Medical College is also recognized by CPSP for FCPS in Pharmacology.


The department gives special importance to undertake research work.


The Department of Pharmacology comprises of a spacious museum and a well equipped laboratory run by experienced staff and technician, which enables students to perform and practice animal experiments to enhance their learning of the effect of drug on body systems.

A Power Lab has been installed in department for practical demonstration and research work. The pharmacological effects of drugs on isolated animal tissues are demonstrated using this latest high performance data acquisition device.