Awards and Scholarships

1. Merit Scholarship

Students securing highest marks in first to fourth professional MBBS examinations of University are awarded cash award as per policy according to following scheme:

  • For First Position: Rs. 125,000/-
  • For Second Position: Rs. 100,000/-
  • For Third Position: Rs. 75,000/-

Students securing highest marks in final professional MBBS examinations of University are awarded cash award as per policy according to following scheme:

  • For overall best Graduate: Rs 400,000/-
  • For First Position: Rs. 250,000/-
  • For Second Position: Rs. 200,000/-
  • For Third Position: Rs. 150,000/-

2. Need Based Scholarship Policy:

Liaquat National Medical College (LNMC) awards Need Based Scholarship every year to deserving students.

Procedure for Applying Need Based Scholarship:
  • Need Based Scholarship is announced every year for all students thorough a circular disseminated via email and displayed on notice boards.
  • Students of all classes are required to submit his/her application in prescribed format within a period of one month from the announcement date.
  • Deserving students can apply each year for Need Based Scholarship.
  • The decision on numbers and amount of scholarship per class is made by a committee comprising of competent authority of LNH&MC considering the financial needs of students and their decision is final.
  • The process is concluded after the evaluation of all applications received from the students and interview process of candidates.
  • Finally, the allocated amount is communicated to the students via official letter from the competent authority by stating amount and class in which a student gets scholarship.
  • The student needs to perform satisfactorily in academics and maintain discipline else the scholarship may be withdrawn.

  • Wajid Ali Gold Medal for overall best Graduate
  • Dean’s Medal (for best all round performance – Female Graduate)
  • MD’s Medal (for best all round performance – Male Graduate)
3.Kinship Discount in Tuition Fee:

For siblings of existing students, eligible faculty and staff.

4. Other Awards/Certificates:

Awarded to the Best Debater, Best Poster Presentation, Best Athlete, Best Singer and Best Actor. Certificates are given to the students obtaining distinctions in different disciplines and activities.

Achievements of Our Graduates

Our 1st batch graduated in the year 2012 and went for Internship in 2013. So our success story begins from 2014 and is quite impressive in terms of pass rates.

Of the approximately 300 students who have done internships to date, 155 have passed FCPS – I & other exams and are working at prestigious institutes of Karachi like Liaquat National Hospital, Aga Khan University Hospital, Sindh Institute of Urology & Transplantation etc.

Around 50 students have passed PLAB / USMLE and other foreign exams. Our students have got international scholarships from Ivy League Universities such as Brown and Tufts and also Full bright scholarship. They are undertaking residency in prestigious institute like Mayo Clinic in USA and residencies in countries like Canada and Australia too and receiving glowing testimonial. A few examples are below.

Academic Achievement of Our Students

POSITIONS HOLDERS NAMES IN MBBS PROFESSIONAL EXAMINATIONS AT UNIVERSITY OF KARACHI. It is worth mentioning that our pass rate is 99% and our students have been obtaining positions in Karachi University exams since 2012 and continue to do so till date and also doing extremely well at the JSMU exams.